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Anda La Musica is the independent music production facility of Harold Burgon based in Granada, Spain.

This website offers the opportunity to listen to MP3 files and view artist profiles and photos as well as get our latest news, guides to Granada, recommendations for flamenco material and classes as well as links to other interesting sites.

With more than thirty years experience in the UK as a musician, sound engineer, music producer and acoustic technician Harold Burgon came to Granada in 1998 where he worked with flamenco artist Enrique Morente on 'De Granada a la Luna' a homage to the poet Federico Garcia Lorca featuring various Spanish and international artists. He went on to work for Estrella Morente on her first album 'Mi cante y un poema' as well as her second album 'Calle del Aire’. His love affair with flamenco had begun and in 2004 he built his own studio in Granada where he continues his work recording various flamenco, jazz and rock artists from all over the world.

Andalamusica is a registered record label.

For more details of Harold Burgon's work see the Producer and Studio pages.
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In 2004 along with Emilio Maya, Jaime Heredía and Katrina Edbrooke, Harold formed the association ‘La Fabrica del Flamenco’ with the intention of promoting flamenco artists, offering them the opportunity to record both live and in a professional studio, to keep an archive of material to help with promotion of flamenco, and allow the artists to release the recordings as promotional demos and to sell independently. La Fabrica is a non-profit organisation and its only motive is the promotion of flamenco and to support flamenco artists. For more information see Fabrica Del Flamenco page.

Sample tracks recorded at Anda La Musica studio
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JAIME HEREDÍA 'EL PARRÓN': Pan Con Aceite Y Azúcar

THE CREAMIES: Cherry on the Top etc.

New : above 3 are all now available in MP3 format - click to buy.